Fight or Flight?

What is Fear?

Fear is something that lives within us all. Some more than others. It’s that gut feeling that screams something poses a threat to you. Every person on Earth has experienced fear at some point in their life. What do you do when your only left with two choices? Fight or flight.

Most of the world is made up of people who automatically run from fear, as far and as fast as they can. To some running is the most plausible thing to do while to others it’s an act of cowardice. However, there are some who choose to look fear in the eyes and fight.

Why Fight over Flight?

Those who choose to run aren’t eliminating the problem, they’re simply eliminating the risk of dealing with it. How many people look back and say to themselves “what if” years after they ran from the risk? Regret for what might have been or could have been can be worse that any consequences obtained from facing the problem or threat head on. I try to live with the thought that “yes I’m afraid but I won’t be for long” when faced with fear. Choosing to face that fear shows that you refuse to the anything stop you from obtaining your goals.

My experience with Fear?

Recently I made the decision to take a trip completely alone. Having always relied on other people my entire life I was terrified to get on a plane traveling halfway around the world by myself. I came to the realization that if I didn't pursue the opportunity afforded to me, I’d spend the rest of my life regretting a once in a lifetime decision. I chose to fight the fear and show it what I’m capable of and ended up having the best and craziest time of my life, I even came home a different person. I no longer feared being alone, the unknown, being lost, language barriers, taking on problems, dying, and most of all I no longer feared being afraid.

Embracing the Fear.

When you begin to overcome your fears your shown just how strong you really are. Fear doesn’t own you, you own it. It’s amazing when the dust settles, and you realize you can handle more than you ever dreamed possible. I no longer look at fear as a bully, it’s become my friend who is always there to give me a little push to do something I never would have. Take the risk, travel to that country, jump out of that plane, chase your goals. Stop running from fear and start running towards it you never know what you may find out about others and most of all about yourself. It’s time to #LiveMore.