Give and Take

Give and Receive

I was recently contacted by a company who make electric longboards, ACTON. When I read their email I was floored, they wanted to partner with me for some footage and photos of their board in action. A million thoughts ran through my mind who am I to them? Why me? How did they find me?

Inquired and left Inspired

I made the decision to inquire about what they had in mind. They informed me that they came across some of my work and loved the look of it. I was in shock that this enormous company liked my videos enough to choose to invest in me. A few days later we struck a deal and so the partnership began.

Making the deal

After researching the company more I discovered their large social media reach which encouraged me to pursue this partnership even more. We agreed that I would produce two 30-second video clips for them to use as promotional material as well as take pictures modeling the board for their ads. While I’ve had brand deals in the past, nothing quite this immense. I couldn't contain my excitement and instantly started brainstorming ideas for the content.

It’s here!
The days dragged on as I impatiently waited for the board to arrive. On the day the UPS truck pulled up and I rushed out in excitement, along with my camera (of course), to document the whole thing, start to finish. They had sent me their brand-new Blink S2 model. I had been looking into purchasing an electric board for a while now however, hadn’t ever seen one and I couldn’t have been more amazed.


The Blink S2 model is very high-quality board with the ability to travel 18 mph for up to 14 miles! It has a hand-held wireless remote for navigation as well as three riding modes. My personal favorite feature is the LED lights that are located at the head, tail, and sides. This board has an app that can inform you of both distance and speed! It’s quite a remarkable product and I couldn't speak more highly of it. This board has my top recommendation!

Moral of the Story

Value. While my videos started out as fun and games, the older I got the more serious they became to me and the more effort I put into them. No matter what you do in life if you put in the hard work and effort others will recognize that and value you. For me, the hard work I put into my videos allowed me this incredible opportunity to do promotional material for ACTON. You have to give in order to receive and once you realize that you have something to offer the world then you should never give up until you get where you want to be. #LiveMore

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